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selected works of madeleine lee
a bilingual edition
translated by enoch ng

isbn: 978-981-14-1500-5

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李夙芯的诗选集, 尝试以语言的界线探测存在的意义, 没有大是大非的叙

事, 却在个人观察之间找寻记忆与认同。她特殊的表现手法在于将个人意

识潜移在语言之外, 淡开一笔的说明反而更能表达对生活的渴望。


如无意中踏入的《金》和《银》穿梭在秩序与无序之间, 成为诗人拾起的

散篇; 《乌木》中埋藏久远的硬币既是资本的货币, 又是褪去表面物质的

原始物质; 《暴风雨》充满神奇的想像,从表象开始、却以希腊神话作

结。忽然靠近, 却又远去, 而诗, 就在那里!


卢筱雯  ­- 新加坡南洋理工大学中文系博士候选人


Madeleine Lee has a gift for capturing a fleeting image in concise language that always manages to replicate the picture in the mind of the reader. Once established, the image takes wing, dances, bursts with color, and sometimes even leaves a lingering aftertaste on the tongue. She crafts her poetry with such a light touch, making it a pleasure to read the book in one sitting. At the same time, she packs a great deal into each brief encounter, compelling the reader to return time and again for another look.

Shelly Bryant , Translator